Marine Services

With our expertise in the marine industry, we offer marine services that will make your experience of owning a vessel more enjoyable and stress-free.

Yacht Brokerage

Want to sell your vessel? Listing your vessel with us has several advantages.
Here are some of those advantages.
  • We offer a free market analysis that provides the client with a true understanding of there vessel’s worth.
  • The personal networks we have made in the industry help us get things done. From survey to finance we have you covered.
  • We have taken a strong approach in marketing.  We have taken it beyond Print advertising and are very active in Social Media Marketing. With a strong base on the MLS.

Yacht Management

The logistics of owning a Yacht can be overwhelming. That is where Yacht Management comes in. Our staff will streamline maintenance, supply, and delivery of all resources needed to make your experience more enjoyable and stress-free.
KB Marine can take care of every aspect of owning and operating your yacht.  Some of our marine services include mechanical and electrical maintenance, yacht staffing and travel planning.

Boat building process from lay-up to final CO

We have been well trained in the boat building process, from lay-up, using advanced technologies, to final CO.

The Manufactures know we understand this business and have the experience to deliver there product to the client properly.